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UK Stamp Duty Calculator in Excel

UK Stamp Duty Calculator in Excel (England & NI)

Excel spreadsheet  calculates the Stamp Duty (SDLT) on your residential property purchase in England or Northern Ireland in 2020-21

UK Stamp Duty Calculator in Excel

It is extremely easy to use and you can save the file on your computer or any drive:

  1. Select Property:
    • Single property
    • Additional property or a Buy to Let

2. Property Price:

  • Enter a value of property.

Stamp duty automatically appears in the green box along with the effective tax rate below.

Stamp duty holiday.

The government has temporarily increased the stamp duty threshold to £500,000 for property sales in England and Northern Ireland, until 31 March 2021.

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EURO2020 Excel Sweepstake

EURO2020 Excel Sweepstake

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, European Football Championship Euro2020 is postponed till the next year. However, I have prepared a spreadsheet for the event on the initially scheduled date. In the past, the spreadsheets I published were very popular among football fans. EURO2020 Excel Sweepstake is a spreadsheet you can use to play and bet, and it has proved to be particularly popular. The formulas in the spreadsheet calculate all the points and made Sweepstake a popular game at home and to be enjoyed with work colleagues.

Feel Free to Download any Excel Spreadsheet from previous championships available below:

Updates EURO 2020 Sweepstake

EURO2020 Sweepstake spreadsheet is fully automated and integrated with the Internet. It provides better user experience, thus being user friendly and it gives a possibility of setting up one’s score in each series of matches.

Manual Excel Spreadsheet Instruction

FREE EURO 2020 Excel Sweepstake Template

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London Coronavirus Heatmap in Excel

London Coronavirus Heatmap in Excel

Check how many confirmed cases in London borough in Excel tracker?

Whether we like it or not, for some time we have been witnessing spreading of the virus all over the world. Being a Londoner, I have decided to develop data visualisation regarding virus cases observed in one of the largest agglomerations in the world. To do so, I used an MS Excel spread sheet. Heat map presentation is automatically updated on the day-to-day basis and it presents confirmed virus cases in all London boroughs. What is more, using one of my spreadsheets you can follow development of infection over the course of time in 10 most exposed boroughs. Source data acquired is published online by Public-Health England.

Should you wish the attached file to download data from the Internet automatically, you must accept Connect Access Web and Enabled Content.

Then, each time you open the file, the spreadsheet will communicate with to updated the current data. Please bear in mind that the connection requires some time and the following message may be displayed in the bottom left corner of the spread sheet status bar: if you see this message, please do not use the spread sheet.


Download London Coronavirus Heatmap in Excel by clicking button below:

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