Germany EURO2024 Sweepstakes in Excel

Germany EURO2024 Sweepstakes in Excel

EURO2024 Sweepstakes in Excel

European Champions Cup Germany 2024 Sweepstakes, is an Interactive Office Pools, Prediction Excel Spreadsheets file.

⚽ User-friendly

⚽ Automated

⚽ Visualization

PRO Advanced version

Free home edition version for 5 players.


  • Info (Green) – Info Sheet
  • Schedule (Yellow) – Select your Favourite Team  (Combo Box)
  • Dashboard (Blue) –  Select the Player. (Combo Box) and

Dashboard Excel Sweepstakes

  • Sheets for players (Blank).
    1. You can change the name of the sheet
    2. You can predict the result in a relevant sheet
  • Sheet SET (Red) available in PRO version

Please feel free to download Excel EURO Cup Germany 2024 Sweepstake. Just press the button below.

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Upgrade to PRO Version

  • Version for 20, 50, 100 and 100+ players.
  • Unprotected full access to Excel Spreadsheet
  • You can also set your own points

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