Premier League Sweepstakes Excel spreadsheet

Premier League Sweepstakes Excel Spreadsheet

Premier League Sweepstakes is an Excel spreadsheet file created for season 2022 – 23. It allows bunch of people to run sweepstakes or office pool based on the outcomes of the matches and is fully automated. You can select interesting  teams and trace their trend.

Excel Premier League
Premier League Sweepstakes Excel spreadsheet contains worksheets:

  • Instruction – User manual and description
  • Schedule – Schedule matches, results and sweepstakes (manual parts)
  • Tables – Premier League Tables (Fully automated)

  • Chart – Sweepstakes Players table and visualisation by round (Fully automated)
  • SET – Settings teams and calculates points for selected teams.

Sweepstakes rules

If contestant predicted exact result 3 points. If contestant predicted the winner of the match or a draw 1 point However, you are the owner of version PRO so you can easily change the number of points in worksheet SET and you can define different points for a different round.

FREE Premier League 2022-23 Sweepstakes Excel spreadsheet download

Please feel free to download Premier League 2022-2023 Sweepstakes for 5 players. It does not require any additional software or any registration and it is also free of VBA code. Just push the button below, save the file and enjoy supporting your team and keep calm during the contest if it is possible.

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English League 2024/25 & 2025/26 PRO20

If you are interested in buying an advanced version of Premier League 2024-25 PRO 20, Sweepstake for 20 players, not protected by password, therefore you have a special access to advanced functions and methods used in this spreadsheet including easy settings point by round, please click button below Buy Now.

  • EFL Championship 2024-25 PRO20
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