Advanced Excel Test – questions and answers

Advanced Excel Test

My previous Excel test was described by many of you as easy. Therefore I have created a more challenging Advanced Excel Test. The idea behind this test is to check the skill of creating formulas with immediate result in Excel. This Advanced Excel Test checks the execution of Excel performance tasks, giving a graphical representation of the results obtained. Anyone can use it to check Excel skill level for staff recruitment, in evaluating candidates for jobs, for pupils and students and Excel fun too.

Advanced Excel Test

The columns in the source table are named as a title of header. When you create solutions, please also consider the fact that the contents in this table are random. It means that after every calculation made in the document, the change takes place in the content of the data in the entire table. Yellow cells have to be filled in by using formulas, which will cause change of the colour to blue and the result will appear immediately in the chart. Some questions have got multiple solutions. You can use any formula and function as long as they are correct.

Good luck! I do hope that you will find test more challenging than the previous one. Please share your opinion or comments below.

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  1. Hi Jacek, thanks for taking the time to create this Excel test. Are you able to share solutions? I am struggling with a couple of questions.

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