Reduce Excel file size without deleting data

Reduce Excel file size for Optimising Performance
reduce Excel file size

10 Top tips: How to reduce Excel file size without deleting data?

1) Save the file in the right version as:

    • Excel Workbook (xlsx)

Save as new version instead of the older one or

You can significantly reduce Excel size file compared to default version

    • Zip the Excel file (zip).

2) Clear unused cells

    • Clear visible unused tables, columns and formatted cells.

Select it and Clear All or select rows or columns and delete (Ctr+-)

    • Clear invisible content using the below method:

Ctr+G / Special… / blanks / Clear All
Note: CTR + End

3) Reduce graphics

    • Delete unused images/objects

To find objects that are hidden, stacked, or behind text, click:
Home, Find & Select, Selection Pane…

    • Compressing Picture

Select image / Compress Picture / Minimise document size for sharing
Compressing Picture

    • Resizing

4) Reduce Condition Formatting

    • Select the entire worksheet

(Ctrl+A and you may require use Ctrl+A again) or simple click Select All button

    • Home / Conditional Formatting / Manage Roles…

Select irrelevant roles and Delete Rule

5) Reduce on Data Validation

    • Select the entire worksheet as above
    • Data / Data Validation / Setting / Allow: Any value

6) Use manual calculation

Formulas / Calculation options / Manual

7) Use Pivot Tables and Excel Tables format and named Range

8) Optimise formulas

    • • Avoid using volatile function such as:


    • Replace VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and LOOKUP function with INDEX & MATCH
    • • Replace nested IF functions with any of below alternative:


    REPT, INDEX & MATCH, SUMIF(s) or Boolean logic
    • Check cells containing formulas and replace them with values where a formula is unnecessary or rarely used

Note: Advanced Excel Test

9) Reduce worksheets

Check if you have unused worksheets including hidden ones and delete them.

10) How to Reduce Excel file size Optimise using VBA

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