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EURO2020 Excel Sweepstake

EURO2020 Excel Sweepstake

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, European Football Championship Euro2020 is postponed till the next year. However, I have prepared a spreadsheet for the event on the initially scheduled date. In the past, the spreadsheets I published were very popular among football fans. EURO2020 Excel Sweepstake is a spreadsheet you can use to play and bet, and it has proved to be particularly popular. The formulas in the spreadsheet calculate all the points and made Sweepstake a popular game at home and to be enjoyed with work colleagues.

Feel Free to Download any Excel Spreadsheet from previous championships available below:

Updates EURO 2020 Sweepstake

EURO2020 Sweepstake spreadsheet is fully automated and integrated with the Internet. It provides better user experience, thus being user friendly and it gives a possibility of setting up one’s score in each series of matches.

Manual Excel Spreadsheet Instruction

FREE EURO 2020 Excel Sweepstake Template

This is a trial version, still under development!

If you are interested get FREE version for 5 players, please send request using the button below.

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If you are interested, get an Advanced version EURO2020 Excel PRO, Sweepstake for more then 5 players (20, 50, 100 versions) and a special access to advanced functions and methods used in this spreadsheet including full access to other spreadsheets. Please visit the shop using the button below.

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If you have any request do not to hesitate to contact me on 07761 716 681