Questions and Answers for users of the Sweepstakes package in Excel.

What is the best way to manage Sweepstakes?
I recommend that one trusted person should download types from players and past them the yellow fields in relevant sheet in the master file. However, the results can be made publicly available on share drive without the permission to editing, or, for example, copies of the graph can be sent by e-mail at the end of each round.

What is the SET sheet for?
In the SET sheet you can set the scoring of players depending on the round of the tournament. By default, I set everything to 3 points for the exact prediction and 1 for predicting the match draw or a winner.

In the knockout round what is the outcome: the final result after extra time or after the so-called normal game time?
We bet on the result of the match in the so-called normal game time.

How is the chart showing the results of the best players updated?
If you are a Sweepstakes user with version PRO50 or higher, the chart is connected to the PivotTable. Therefore, it should be refreshed after entering the source data. If, on the other hand, you support PRO20 versions or lower, the graph updates immediately.

How do we refresh Power Query or PivotTable?
Right-click on a given object (Tables) and select Refresh.

Does the Excel file work with Google Sheet?
Sweepstakes is an MS Excel file. Google Sheet or other software is not fully compatible with this program, but most of the functionalities work correctly.

Do all Excel versions support Sweepstakes?
In the WorldCup 2022 Sweepstakes I used Power Query, which has been available since the 2016 version. If you are a 2013 or 2010 user, Power Query can be downloaded for free as an Excel add-on and installed on your computer. Alternatively, you can choose not to refresh the table in the Schedule and enter the results and teams yourself.

Since EURO2024 I do not use Power Query any more therefore