Excel VBA Training Course Program


Excel VBA Training Course


  • Macro recorder
  • Where should we save our macros?
  • Personal macro workbook
  • Effective work with editor
  • Module properties
  • Worksheet properties
  • VBAProject properties (file protection, code protection etc.)

Basic programming

  • The algorithm
  • How to write an algorithm?
  • Constants and variables
  • Types of variables
  • If clauses (then, Select case)
  • Loops (do…loop, for next)
  • Exit clauses

Good programming practice

  • Why should we declare variables?
  • VBA operators (logical, arithmetic, text, concatenate)
  • Text methods (left, right, trim, replace, mid etc.)
  • Reading and writing data into worksheet (cells, range, activecell)

MS Excel object model

  • Application object
  • ThisWorkbook
  • Differences between Worksheets and Sheets
  • Active objects (ActiveWorkbook, ActiveSheet, ActiveCell etc.)
  • Cells and Range objects

Adding values to the sheet

  • Difference between inputbox functions
  • Which feature allows you to select cells?
  • Asking questions and getting answers with MsgBox
  • Placing the next button in the displayed message
  • Using statusbar to display the message

Optimizing Visual Basic macros

  • Verifying the execution times of Visual Basic
  • Turning off screen refreshing
  • We analyze the VBA code
  • How do I run a line-by-line macro?
  • We work with the Immediate window
  • What is the breakpoint?

Error handling

  • How to solve problems with error suppression?
  • Using the error number
  • Creating our own error message

Functions and procedures

  • Types of function arguments
  • User defined functions
  • Presenting results


  • Sheetchange
  • Uninstall add-ons
  • Newchart
  • How to automatically launch macros when initializing files?
  • We look at window applications

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