Euro Cup 2016 Excel Match Schedule

Euro Cup 2016 Excel Match Schedule

EURO Cup 2016 Excel match schedule

EURO Cup 2016 Excel Match Schedule predictor and score sheet has been created for soccer and spreadsheet Excel fans. Like my previous football championship spreadsheets for EURO Cup 2012 and the World Cup of 2014 and UEFA Euro 2016 qualification now I am publishing Tracker Prediction and Scoresheet fixtures fully automated for UEFA 2016 European Championship. This year European Football tournament is scheduled to be held in France from 10 June to 10 July 2016. For the first time, the event will be contested by 24 teams instead of 16. There will be a total of 51 games (all played over a month!), compared with 31 games for the previous tournament. Also, in the new format ,the best third-ranked team would go through to the knockout stage.

Automatisation in Euro 2016 predictor spreadsheet

  • Local Time matches based on Time zone selection
  • Calculating of played matches (Pld), points (Pts) goal for (GF), goal away (GA), goal different (GD), ranking UEFA (UEFA)
  • Group stage Tiebreakers tables
  • Table of Ranking of third-placed teams
  • Sorting teams based on current the position
  • Conditional formatting
  • Display correct teams in the right cells

Dynamic Group Stage Tiebreakers Tables Euro 2016

The EURO Cup 2016 Excel Match Schedule features a dynamic range named formula that was created using the below UEFA tie breaking criteria:
If two or more than two teams are equal on completion of the group, a second classification will be established taking into account only the results of the games between those teams.

Euro roles: Ranking Of Third-Placed Teams

As always, the best two teams from each group will progress to the knockout phase. In the new format, it is possible to go through to the knockout stage via 3rd place playoffs. 4 of the 6 teams from 3rd placed playoffs will advance to knockout phase so I have created the ranking of third-placed teams table. The specific match-ups involving the third-placed teams depend on which four third-placed teams qualify for the round of 16. There is a formula in Excel that can calculate the number of k-combinations (4) of n elements (6) =COMBIN(6,4). There are 15 different ways that teams can qualify.

Conditional formatting used in the spreadsheet

I have set up a few conditional formatting rules in the EURO Cup 2016 Excel Schedule.
A spreadsheet user should add the result of a match to a correct cell. This will highlighted it in yellow. The winning team is in bold. I have also used condition formatting in 3rd place for every group, in Tiebreakers Additional Table and also in ‘The knockout’ cells. When teams draw in the knockout phase, cells PK (Penalty Kick) will get highlighted in yellow. However, if result is not a draw and for some reason user fails to fill any of the PK cell, a cell will be highlighted in red.

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